what is big data

What is Big Data ?

Big Data, which has been rampant in the IT world since its inception, has become a hotly debated topic as AI begins to socialize rapidly. Like children’s books, artificial intelligence requires massive amounts of data for machine learning. Scaling the height of the door and your doorbell in childhood made it possible to measure the …

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what is stadia

What is Stadia?

You may recall the hype in the tech world when Google introduced the Google Stadia concept and its usage last March. Stadia was officially released to the market on November 19th. But if you hear about this Platform from that day, it’s not so good. Is the Stadia Platform a Google Failure? In this article, …

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5G Technology

The Biggest Technological Revolution 5G Technology

The Biggest Technological Revolution 5G Technology: Wireless networks and mobiles have evolved rapidly over the past few years. Wireless technology advances these Several important milestones have been passed on this journey. Speaking of which, we can’t forget about what we’ve seen or heard of in those days, such as 1G, 2G 3G, 4G, 4G LTE, …

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