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Neuralink, connects the brain directly to the computer

What is Neuralink? Have you heard of Cyborgs? This concept may not be all that familiar to you if you are an avid viewer who enjoys film and fiction. Imagine if you could command your brain and run multiple devices. This technology is no longer limited to science fiction.

Launched by Tesla founder Elon Musk as his latest technology project, Neuralink recently took the first step in building relationships between computers and humans. Although not straightforward Cyborgs, this concept is based on the concept. Brain-Machine Interfaces (BMI) / Brain-Computer Interface (BCI), or rather the interface between the computer and the human, is the basis of this concept. This is what happens here; The use of electrodes is the activation of an external device or device that converts the various senses that give the nerves of the brain to the brain. Computers or robotic hands can be considered as control devices. Moving to such complex tasks is time-consuming, and by 2020, they will be using people to do research.

BMI Technology

This technology has been used for various research for some time. Neuralink, however, took the BMI technology (Brain Machine Interfaces) a step further. These BMI devices may be used to help people with neurological disorders. It enables doctors to closely monitor the latest symptoms and symptoms. They will also be able to control the hands and feet that are artificially attached to them. Experts believe that further improvements to this will create artificial intelligence programs that can work directly with the brain. It also enables the brain to execute commands that are more accurate and efficient. Similar technologies are still being used in the world.

However, there are a number of major issues that arise when connecting and controlling existing devices. Silicon is now the primary ingredient in the creation of BMI components. Because BMI devices are much larger than actual brain tissue, they are capable of damaging the surrounding tissue and destabilizing the data, no matter how fine-grained the implants are. These devices may also be rejected by the brain as they initiate immune processes in the brain.

Flexible BMI

Flexible BMI

Neuralink has been able to develop a new set of devices so that it does not pose problems or problems with existing BMI or BCI devices. They named it “flexible BMI”. These new flexible BMI implants are designed to minimize the brain’s immune system resistance. It is also smaller than the current devices. These devices are placed in the brain by specially designed robots.

These robots use specialized microscopes to implant devices that do not damage the brain’s nerves and tissues. Musk said that by 2020, with this flexible BMI still in progress, people would be looking at clinical trials. He revealed this discovery with Neuralink at an event in San Francisco. He added that the new device is designed to be worn behind the ear and that the functionality of the device can be seen on an app on your mobile phone. In the future, the technology will be able to operate multiple devices with a command from the brain without any activity, he says.

Further Researches of Neuralink

However, there is some controversy today about the impact of this. The most powerful assumption is that users may have issues with the privacy of these devices. The idea is that since the brain is directly connected to the computer, it will be able to retrieve different data directly. Neuralink is partnering with Facebook to do this. If you recall, Facebook was one of the most frequent users of user data. This is an article we published about it.

A prototype of the brain wave readable prototype created by Facebook – theconversation.com
It is also believed that the brain can be opened to hackers by connecting the individual brain to the computer. They believe that these things can lead people to different things.

What do you think about this? What would it be like to have commanded in your brain running different devices? Don’t forget to comment below.

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