what is stadia

What is Stadia?

You may recall the hype in the tech world when Google introduced the Google Stadia concept and its usage last March. Stadia was officially released to the market on November 19th. But if you hear about this Platform from that day, it’s not so good. Is the Stadia Platform a Google Failure? In this article, we will consider that.

Brief about Stadia

Google Stadia, a cross-platform game streaming service, lets you play computer games on your mobile phone. The Google company said that you will also be able to switch to other gaming platforms. One of the main objectives of the stadia concept was to eliminate the difficulty of playing games, usually with high data costs and high system requirements.

User complaints

The Stadia “Founder’s Edition” was reported to be worth around $ 130. Though it was officially released on the 19th, many who have bought it have not yet been able to play through it. This is because they have not yet received the email message with their login code. However, Google responds to these complaints; He said he would send out all emails within a day or two. But we have seen posts posted on Twitter and Reddit networks stating that it has not yet been received.

Chromecast Ultra


chromecast - what is stadia

Another group of users began complaining that their Chromecasts device was overheating and then malfunctioning after connecting to Stadia. This is especially the case for users using Chromecast Ultra devices. Also, another group of people expressing their displeasure on this matter stated: That they are not impressed with this. They say that Chromecast Ultra is not a good device compared to other similar devices nowadays. Whatever the sport, they say that even watching a TV series overheats it.

The problem is exacerbated by the fact that the Stadia device is only available on the Chromecast Ultra until the next full cloud-based version is introduced next year.

Users who did not have the above problem had to face other troublesome situations. It is important to have a minimum latency, especially when playing online games. But so far, Google lacks the latency to the point that Stadia users refer to. As such, players say that playing and winning games is difficult.

Neither Google nor Stadia’s developers have officially answered any of the above questions. Reports from the tech world, however, show that many still don’t even get the Stadia devices they ordered. Is this concept really a failure? How practical is this for a country like Sri Lanka? Do not forget to add your comments below.

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